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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Cigsm, Jun 30, 2017.

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    So my iCloud space is full at 500GB or whatever it is I pay $3.99 a month for. The next tier up is $9.99 and I'm not willing to pay that. So I'm trying to delete a bunch of old videos and photos to clear up space. If I've backed my photos library up. Is it safe to delete them from iCloud to free up space? In other words, will the photos remain on my computer if I've deleted them from iCloud via my phone?
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    How did you "back them up?"

    If both your iPhone and Mac are signed into iCloud Photo Library, then deleting a photo on the iPhone will delete it from the Photos Library on the Mac. For that matter, deleting it from the Photos Library on the Mac will also delete it from the iPhone.

    If you make copies (Photos > File > Export...) of the videos and photos and store them outside of the Photos Library, then the copies won't be affected by deleting them from the iCloud library.
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    Deleting them from your iPhone or from your Mac will delete them from iCloud... and deleting from the iCloud website will delete them from your iPhone and Mac.

    As Apfelkuchen stated above, you have to manually back your photos up—generally by dragging the images out of Photos or iPhoto. It's a real pain in the behind.

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