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    Hey Guys

    I'm a bit confused about how to do something in Photos. It's probably simple I am missing.

    Lets say I have 5 different folders. If one folder is entitled "Nephew" for example. So I might take a picture or 2 of my nephew everytime I am at my sisters place. Its pretty cool that if I take it on my iPhone it than appears on my Mac. My question than is how do I get it into my Nephew folder. I can see that I can create a new folder, but I want to put it into a re existing folder. I can't seem to drag anything from the "all photos" album to another album.

    Any help with this would be great!
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    Just to make sure we are on the same page.
    You place photos into Albums.
    You store multiple Albums in Folders.

    For instance I might have Albums called Mom, Dad, and Brother. I can place all those albums in a Folder called Family.

    So you want an Album called "Nephew" you can just highlight the photos in all photos and copy [cmd+C] and then of into the album and paste [cmd+V] ..

    If you show the sidebar, View -> Show Sidebar; you can go into Moments or All Photos and drag the photos to the Album in the sidebar.

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