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    These questions has to do with receiving/sending

    Can you save email photo or video attachments to your memory that were sent to your iphone?

    How easy is it to send video 720p or photos from your iphone?

    I use a windows 7 notebook *ducks* , anyway to transfer clips to edit? I'm guessing only way is to email? Not sure.
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    Saving photos is very easy. Just like in the web browser, press on the pic for a second and you'll get a pop up asking you if you want to save to camera roll. I don't know if this works with videos though.

    To move clips from your PC, hook up your phone to iTunes and bring up the Sync options.(summary, ringtomes, music, etc)

    Under the "photos" tab, you can select it to sync with a folder of your choosing.

    Videos must be in a compatible format though.(H.264 or Mpeg-4 IIRC)
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    Thanks, so doesnt seem impossible. I couldnt recall, or at least wasnt sure what changed with newer os.

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