Photoshop crashing entire OSX system


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Feb 7, 2014
This is in an office environment where we have a couple older MacPros. We recently switched two towers(leaving the rest of the workstation intact) whole were both running PS CC 2014 just fine when one of them starts failing.

Now whenever we launch PS it starts to open but then freezes up and locks up the whole system, with just the mouse moving. Can't get into force quit or anything, and have to hard reset.

Have tried un/reinstalling PS and CC. Nothing seems to make any difference.

As this machine's main use if running PS it's really dead in the water at the moment.

Looking for any advice, please help, thank you!

Photoshop CC 2014
Map Pro 1,1
OSX 10.7.5
12GB ram


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Dec 12, 2005
might be worth doing a clean install on a new partition internal/external (a usb stick etc will work but internal will be ideal) to see if that fixes the problems. (might be worth doing it on a different drive to the one that's ruining the os as it might be bad blocks)

if that works you know it's software/OS corruption/conflict etc (anti virus software or backup software can cause problems)

might also be bad blocks on the OS HD or scratch HD (if you have a second drive just for scratch)

if you still have problems then it likely to be be hardware.

try the good old apple hardware test

may be a ram stick failing, is system report showing all the ram as ok?

ps what do you mean by 'switched two towers' ?

also is your GPU supported adobe has been pushing out updates so you may have inadvertently been outdated by an update, also why not update to the newest PS CC might just be a bug that got patched in later updates you can install 10.8+ on the 1.1's
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