Photoshop CS3 scratch file location

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    In windows, Photoshop used to create a scratch disk file every time you opened a new file. When you would quit PS, the file would get deleted. But sometimes PS got stuck (or windows) and you had to ctrl-alt-del and close PS. When this happened the temp scratch disk would not get erased and evetually these files would add up.

    I would like to know where photoshop stores this file by default in Leopard so that I can check if there are any fles using up space there.

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    Location of Photoshop temp files on OS X

    They live in /private/var/tmp/folders.UID/Cleanup At Startup where UID is the number that your login is associated with. To find your number, log in to Terminal and type:
    Then you can see what you have in there, for example:

    ls -l /private/var/tmp/folders.501/Cleanup\ At\ Startup/
    Should show a file with a name similar to Photoshop Temp5103692348
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    Anyone care to update this old thread and tell me where this file is located,

    Photoshop CS6

    Scratch disk has been moved to another HDD (DATA)

    EDIT>>>>DOH...I have answered it using the Finder and looking on the correct disk

    I had scratch disk to "User Data' HDD...and was searching 'DATA' HDD

    For others future reference it is
    /PSAutoRecover/username/Adobe PhotoshopCS6xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    where the x's are a string of numbers

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