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    Hello All-

    I have Photoshop CS5 Extended & running on Mavs currently. I need to upgrade to 10.11 so I can update Final Cut Pro 10.

    I read on an Apple forum thread that Ps CS 5/6 will not work past El Capitan because the next 2016 update (10.12) and thereafter will utilize a Java which these last "buy to own" applications of Ps will not be compatible with. Hence the end of owner Ps apps on Macs. Apparently, the 10.12 and beyond OS's will not allow JAVA 6 to run as is the case for 10.11 now.
    In this regard I would surely keep El Capitan & my CS 5 extended saved with carbon copy cloner/Time Machine to be able to reboot when I needed Ps CS5.

    Question is, is this true? or speculative at this point?

    Thanks for any advise/information in this regard-

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