Photoshop CS5 + Wacom + MacBook Pro Retina Trackpad problem

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by danielwroe, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. danielwroe macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2015

    I am using a Macbook pro Retena 15", and working in Photoshop cs5.
    I recently bought a new Wacom Intuous Pen and Touch, which works fine, but whenever I start to use it in photoshop it starts to inhibit the use of the trackpad.

    The trackpad will be working fine, and then I will plug the tablet in and use it, after that I will go back to the track pad and it will only allow me to make single clicks, I wont be able to use the pen or eraser tools to get a line only a single dot at a time.

    I have the most current drivers, and contacted Wacom support but they couldn't help me.
    Is this a Adobe problem or a MBP problem?

    Has anyone had any similar problems or could you direct me in a certain direction for more help?

    Any assistance is much appreciated! Thanks
  2. ll PiStoNs ll macrumors regular

    Aug 5, 2007
    I would make sure that there isn't any inadvertent touching on one trackpad while you're trying to use the other... such as where you set the pen on the trackpad or your elbow or something. Theres been times where my trackpad was clicked inside my briefcase and I couldn't get the trackpad on my macbook to work haha.

    With that said, I would also try connecting the wacom via USB instead of bluetooth, or making sure there is nothing else connected to your mac via bluetooth.

    The last thing I would check is whether the driver you installed is compatible with yosemite, or try to reinstall the driver.

    Keep us posted!

    *EDIT* Also, make sure your caps lock key isn't on or any other keyboard shortcuts within photoshop or on your wacom buttons.
  3. danielwroe thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2015
    Thanks for the info!

    I am using USB already though, haven't yet set up the bluetooth...
    And am still on Mavericks.

    Could be some sort of inadvertent touching while switching back and forth, but Ive been trying all kinds of different combinations of tablet and track pad back and forth. I will try some other variations today.

    The one thing that I have found that seems to kind of reset the trackpad on the laptop is that after youve used the pen on the tablet you can use your finger and just make a single click. After that the trackpad on the laptop seems to reset and will flow properly again. Not sure what this means, Still not sure what settings I would need to change to make that switch over more fluid.

    Any other ideas?
  4. danielwroe thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2015
    I am thinking that it could also be my version of PS. The back and forth works fine for illustrator. So maybe I need to upgrade to CS6?

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