Photoshop: Curve Presets, Actions, and other Editing techniques

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by M-5, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I wanted to start this thread as a resource where our photography community could come and share with each other Photoshop actions, presets, or their own tutorials that they have found most useful when editing their photos to achieve a specific style in their photographs with post-processing.

    I'll start by posting a link to two of the most useful action sets I have found, courtesy of "The Pioneer Woman":
    The link includes two different action sets with a few actions bundled into each.
    - The "Boost" action is an action I use on almost every photograph to add a boost in color and contrast. I usually apply this action and then set the opacity down to about 70%
    - The "Seventies" action is very nice as well, and it ads a vintage look to your photographs that I find very pleasing.
    - "B&W Beauty" is also the action I use almost exclusively when I want to achieve a great black and white look.

    There are also a few other links to other wonderful actions that I have found as well as to some textures I like to apply to some photos that I will be posting soon.
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    Good idea for a thread.
    Tony kuyper luminosity masks have been one of the best things i have learnt (and still learning) His action set can transform ones photography when mastered.
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