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    Jun 12, 2015
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    Hi all,

    I know there have been tonnes of posts regarding performance of the retina macbook. I'm hoping somebody can help me decide.

    I have (well actually HAD until this weekend when a storm hit and killed my imac, but its being covered under insurance) a desktop that i do intensive work on, as well as a MBA.

    I have a late 2010 Macbook 11" 1.6 core2 duo with 4 megs of ram that has not skipped a beat until recently in terms of being able to handle tethered shoots with aperture/lightroom and 1-3 layer retouching in photoshop. I do fashion photography so all i'm really concerned about is single single layer textures/spot adjusts and levels for initial markups before going to a retoucher, or if its a simple shoot then being able to work on a raw file (<50mb) on a commute. Sometimes i will combine plates with a shot but its usually 3-4 layers or less. The MBA has been fine until a few months ago where it has started to lag a bit in terms of file size with me working on larger res raw images, as well as the the latest CC 2015 version of photoshop.

    I'm ASSUMING that if my 5 year old mba could handle most of this then a 2015 rMB would be able to handle it without ANY hitch, but I need to be sure.

    In Australia for the same price I can get the 13 rMPB for the same price but i've become used to a small portable machine and would prefer not having to lug the extra weight around, especially when on location where I have a carload of gear anyway. The one port is fine with me provided I have a USB type A dongle, honestly the only port i've ever really needed is usb and rarely mini display/thunderbolt for an external display.

    I'm almost sold on a space grey 1.1ghz rMB but was just hoping to hear from others that do retouching to give me an idea of how it's working for them...

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    Jul 15, 2015
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    Hi there!

    I recently got the 1,2 ghz Macbook- I had bought the mid-range 13" Macbook Pro but found it to be way too bulky and not powerful enough to play the one game I enjoy playing with from time to time. I returned it and got the Macbook.

    I have to say that so far I could not be happier that I changed my mind. The little laptop does a great job for what I use it for: some light gaming, office and emails and a bit of photoshop and trading.

    I had a look online- some of the lag I see from time to time was also present on the 13" Macbook Pro. Just watched someone who got Windows 10 running on it in Bootcamp- the performance was buttery smooth. In other words the hardware is quite capable but the software is not well optimized.

    My advice would be go for it- of course you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. To me, I decided against keeping the 13"- I have not regretted doing it thus far!
  3. freitz macrumors member

    May 25, 2015
    Ellicott City MD
    rMB would more then fit the bill if you found your old MBA acceptable.

    I use lightroom heavy and light photoshop and I found my MBA From the same year unacceptable but thew new rMB ( I have the 1.3 512 version) more then enough for travel.
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    My 1.3 MB is about on par as my 2012 fully loaded i7 MBA for photoshop. Which itself is not that far off the base model 13" MBP.

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