Photoshop Elements 8 - an enthusiastic thumbs up

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by absolut_mac, Oct 21, 2009.

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    This is NOT an in-depth review, just my opinion on a few important things that stand out, based on my past experience with PSE 6 for Mac (a few months) and PSE 7 for Windows (since it was released until I got my bottom the line Mac Mini this past June).

    CS3 Bridge vs CS4 - no comparison, much faster, and now full screen view is available. Unfortunately the latter has to be selected from the menu bar, but maybe someone will figure out a short cut.

    Auto Smart Fix, Auto Levels etc - I always found these less than useless in the past, both because the results were always so unpredictable, even with similar types of pics, and also because I never (not even once) saved a pic enhanced with the auto feature because the results were always so unacceptable. Not anymore!! The Auto Smart Fix does an amazingly excellent job. This is especially useful when you just want to touch up pics quickly for posting online, or small 4X6 prints.

    See my post below for some 'after' pics. The 'before' shots were horrendous due to the poor lighting, the thick bullet proof glass, and the fact that the watch was hanging inside the armored glass cube on a dusty lucite plate. The colors were washed out, way too yellow and very poor contrast. What you see in my pics was the result of one click, and saved as a jpeg for the web.

    The above 2 features alone make PSE 8 well worth it's modest price. There are many more new features that I haven't begun to explore yet, but I'm sure that many of you will post here and enlighten :D
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    Thanks for the words. I have PSE6 and CS4 for my MP. I love both tbh.
    I know it's not an in-depth review but it's decent. Thanks.

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