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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by shyam09, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Oct 31, 2010
    ok so i am making a button for my robotics team. i have the initial stuff set up (but i suck at photoshop) so things are a bit weird right now and well literally the design sucks.

    im not sure if this is against forum rules, but can someone "do" it for me.
    when i say "do" i am lightly using it. i will provide the ideas and the pictures. all the person has to do is "Photoshop" it out and if he/she wishes add some of their own magic to making it look awesome.

    i would say Monday would be a good time to have it done .. but if anyone wants to try their skills at photoshop or something.

    you may not believe me, but i will say that the person did it for me (i wont take the full credit for it).. i know thats a bit hard to believe, but trust me please.

    these are two that i did ( the 2nd one is after playing iwth the settings, the first one is the original) but it would be doing something like that, making it more techie and adding a cool phrase or so..

    the more people who want to try it out the better it can be [ if it really is amazing and cool, i can have them make all sorts of buttons ]

    once again im unaware if this is against forum rules, so please forgive me.
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    Jul 20, 2010
    here you go. You can totes say I did this. Copyright free.

    The free work in this forum is some of the best I've ever seen anywhere. I think you'll find most designers here will work their hardest when they do it for nothing.

    edit: You should give a shout-out to ɹɐǝqopǝd - he's one of the better designers around. His buttons are tight. Good luck with your assignment.

    and, btw, I've tried to view the sample buttons you 3 browsers. They aren't showing up.

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