Photoshop Open JPEG > Adjust > Save For Web so that output matches input?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Makosuke, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I wanted to title this post "I want to disembowel whoever programmed Photoshop's web color workflow," but that seemed counterproductive, and I'm probably just missing something really obvious.

    What I'm trying to do is simple: I have some JPEG images produced by my camera. When I open them in most apps, they look good. When I open them in Photoshop, they also look good. Except when I go to "save for web," they get noticeably desaturated, particularly in the reds. I can "see what I get" by turning on "Proof Colors" in the View menu and selecting "Monitor RGB," but that's my question:

    How in the $#!% do I get that opened image to have perceptually similar colors when it ends up in the sRGB colorspace of the export without manually readjusting it? What is the conversion I need to do prior to export (and can I do it automatically)?

    Just to clarify, I understand the basic concept of all web browsers assuming sRGB (IEC 61966-2-1:1999 or whatever) in an image with no profile, and thus not wanting one in anything web-targeted lest it confuse Safari and newer Firefox builds. So if I'm working in sRGB, and importing sRGB, and exporting sRGB, I should be getting color as consistent as is possible on the web.

    I already have my monitor calibrated to a 2.2 gamma, and I have Photoshop set to use sRGB as the RGB working space, and to have it ask when I open stuff with a different profile, and I'm either converting to or using sRGB as the image's profile, and I have the "include profile" box unchecked in the save for web dialogue, and I unchecked "convert to sRGB" in the tiny popup menu in the save for web dialogue, not that that last one appears to make any difference.

    I've also read several long tutorials on this that Google found, which I won't pretend to fully understand, but doing everything they said should work just plain doesn't.


    1) (minor) "Proof Colors" always defaults to off, which is annoying, since it appears to be the only way to get WYSIWYG (also, sometimes toggling it doesn't seem to "stick," so I need to toggle it multiple times to get it doing what it says it is). I don't get why this is, given that my working space is already sRGB, though.

    2) (major) I can't seem to find any automated way to open an image with no profile and convert its colors such that the image looks the same if I open it in an unmanaged program (say, Preview), in my active working space, and in the web export.

    This is getting really long, but is what I'm asking making sense here? What is the checkbox that I'm overlooking? Or where is the "make what you're seeing now look the same in sRGB" menu item?

    I like Photoshop's adjustment and denoise tools, but this color stuff is driving me insane. Maybe I should just stick with Graphic Converter.
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    I'm too tired to post it here, but ping me on AIM and I'll walk you through it.

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