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    Hello everyone
    Ok I am new to any type of photo or image or document editing software so go easy on me here lol.

    This is my situation. I have a document that has text on it etc and some images. The document is on the web or rather my work internal intranet( so not accessible outside work). I can print this document off.

    However I am lookin at editing the text in this document so therefore the text looks the same font and style as the original.

    I have an option of printing this document and scanning it at home so it shows on my MBA.

    Now the big question here is to someone new to photoshop document or image editing. What is the best type of software or my mac can someone recommend and how easy would it be to use. Any pros and cons about the application would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Dec 11, 2010
    I do not know a lot about it but people talk highly of GIMP if you find CS5.5 to be a little to pricy. I imagine you can do that with it, although I can't say for sure. The reason I bring this up is because GIMP is not only free, but there is a tremendously large community of general knowledge and know hows on it, which may benefit you for this and future work.

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