Photoshop Tryout?


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Aug 21, 2003
Manchester, England
I've just downloaded the photoshop tryout! I must say I'm very impressed! lots and lots of things to learn - no way 30 days is enough!! looks like the bank account is in for a kicking...

Anyway - as I still got 28 days left to play. I'm trying to do some vanishing points tests!! but I can't find the option to start! I've looked in the filters, but its not there.

Does the tryout not included certain things? ie, "vanishing point" or am I being a bit dumb???

Artful Dodger

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Hi, if you like the 30 day tryout and don't need everything then you may want to look into Photoshop Elements 3. I got it with my tablet and it fits my needs just fine and the retail price is really easy on the wallet.
One other thing is if you are or know of a student (EDU) discount really makes a difference on the wallet as well ;) Anywho enjoy...