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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by thejuanald, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Jul 18, 2012
    I know many people have asked this but I haven't been able to find an answer through my searches.

    I have an iPhone 4S with 400 photos in the camera roll. In the Photostream tab on my iPhone, it says I have 840 photos. Whenever I check the folder on my PC that photostream pushes them to or in iPhoto, it says I have 120 images in Photostream (I know these are all from the last month).

    My question is, how can I take those 840 photos that are on my iPhone Photostream and put them onto my PC. I have tried turning Photostream off and on in the iCloud Control panel on the PC and in iPhoto. I do not want to try and turn it off and then on the iPhone, however, because I am afraid those 400+ photos that are not on my camera roll will be lost.

    Is there any way to get those pics off of the Photostream? Thank you.
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    Wirelessly posted

    I think the best answer is select the photos and email them to yourself.

    After you get all your photos saved, delete all your Photostream pics from all devices (computers too). Then turn off photo stream. Reboot and then turn Photostream back on. Do not take any pics until you do this for all Photostream devices.

    There was a bug induced when apple enabled Photostream deleting. This caused Photostream to get out of sync with multiple devices. The delete all, reboot should make everything work as advertised.
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    My photostream counts are way higher than what they "actually are". Have you looked through photostream on your phone to see if you can see all 840 photos it claims you have?

    I have basically conceded that there is a bug in the counter, unfortunately.
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    iCloud on the PC by default has separate upload and download folders (just to make sure you are checking the right one).

    First I would open your phone in Windows Explorer and manually copy the 400 photos to your PC. If nothing else it will be that many less to transfer from PhotoStream.

    I would reinstall the iCloud Control Panel making sure you have the most current version. They released an update so I assume it's version 1.1 or something. Make sure the download folder is where your photos are located and make sure you can copy the photos there without a UAC prompt.

    Normally turning iCloud PhotoStream transfer is enough to start synchronization, but if it still doesn't check your services to make sure the iCloud service is running. If it won't stay running then you have a PC problem that needs to be resolved. Perhaps rebooting with all non-Microsoft services disabled except Apple's and try again.

    As a last resort you can copy the photos from PhotoStream directly to your phone (not e-mail) and then copy them manually to your PC like you did the first 400.

    IIRC, turning off PhotoStream on your phone will not delete the photos and then redownload them when you turn it back on. However, I've never had luck getting them all to download so I would skip this step and focus on getting them to your PC where you want them.

    PM me and I can give you more details, or anyone can answer your questions in this thread. Good luck!

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