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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sabor, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Mar 17, 2006
    For those of you who have played with phpiCalendar, you know how easy it is to setup. I wanted to "take it up a notch" and get the calendar working inside a web page of mine. That is, having the calendar display with my site's design, not of a frame, not on a new windows.

    To do so, I created a php file that contains the html for my site and where I want the calendar displayed, I included the file that I wanted to display (month.php), turned the body of month into a function and called from there. Well, all hell broke lose.

    Here is the structure of the site


    So I have myFile.php import month.php and call it via a function. month.php imports other files inside the function directory and that is how it goes.

    The code for the beginning of month is the following:
    define('BASE', './');

    And here is where it fails, I get the following:

    Warning: start(./functions/ical_parser.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Users/sabor/Sites/globalstandard/resources/phpicalendar/month.php on line 28

    HOWEVER, when I run phpiCalendar from index.php, things work OK. Here is the code for index.php (which does nothing related to the previous error message):


    if (!isset($ALL_CALENDARS_COMBINED)) $ALL_CALENDARS_COMBINED = 'all_calendars_combined971';
    include "./";

    if (isset($_COOKIE['phpicalendar'])) {
    $phpicalendar = unserialize(stripslashes($_COOKIE['phpicalendar']));
    $default_view = $phpicalendar['cookie_view'];
    if ($printview_default == 'yes') {
    $printview = $default_view;
    $default_view = "print.php";
    } else {
    $check = array ('day', 'week', 'month');
    if (in_array($default_view, $check)) {
    $default_view = $default_view . '.php';
    } else {
    $default_view .= '?cpath='.$_GET['cpath'];
    header("Location: $default_view");


    Any ideas why month.php is not able to find the ical_parser function when called from another file? Sorry for the long post, I am so dead sure no one will ever read this...:D
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    Mar 17, 2006
    Here is the folder hierarchy since the forum post did not pay attention to my whitespaces.

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