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    If you have hundreds of photo prints to scan (or a great #TBT pic to post), Pic Scanner can save you lots of time and effort. You can scan up to 4 photos simultaneously, and the app will crop & save them automatically. No other iOS or Android app has such multi-scanning / multi-cropping ability.

    Pic Scanner's other features are detailed on our App Store page. See highlights in this 30-sec App Preview video.

    Our web site has '5 Minute Guides' in 14 languages (A must-read for getting good results.)

    The app has received praise from the BBC, Cult of Mac, iPad Insight, the Guardian, TUAW, CNET and many others.

    We will be adding many useful features to Pic Scanner during 2015. Why not try out the app and let us know if you'd like to suggest any enhancements.

    Download Pic Scanner free. The full-featured evaluation version offers ten scans and three chances to share photos. A one-time $2.99 in-app purchase enables unlimited scanning and sharing.

    Note: This app is recommended for use on iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, and iPod Touch 5 running iOS 7 or later. Please do not install on older models.

    All feedback will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Thank you!!

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    Issue with installing on iP6 Plus

    You can download Pic Scanner free.
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    Hi, did you have a problem in downloading it from the App Store? It's a free download in all markets.

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