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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by OldCorpse, May 28, 2008.

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    When is Google gonna finally port Picasa to the Mac?! Now my wife wants to get a PC just because she needs the brilliantly simple yet powerful Picasa photo editing tool (and iPhoto is utter junk in comparison). She was all set to agree to my suggestion for a new iMac, but when she found out Picasa is not fully Mac compliant, there went that idea (and she doesn't want to fiddle with parallels etc.).

    So, anyone read any rumors on Googles blog or anywhere else as to when FINALLY Picasa is going to go native on OS X? They've been promising it for what seems like forever, and I'm losing patience. If this keeps going on, I may be forced to buy a PC laptop for my household - yuck. Any guesses/rumors/ideas on a timeframe? TIA!
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    what can picasa do that iphoto can't???

    picasa is just faster by a factor of probably 100x. you can edit photos in picasa very quickly and very acurately. it may not be the best if you are a professional looking for one or two shots but if you are shooting hundreds of shots and want to quickly clean them up, it is a wonderful product.
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    I hate iPhoto!

    >>what can Picasa do that iPhoto cant<<

    In Picasa you can arrange your photos any way you like. e.g. In iPhoto (which I have grown to hate) if I attempt to rearrange photos for an event it cannot be done. However, it can be done if you click of "Photos". I have over 28,000 photos and while moving the photos can be done here I'm NOT scrolling through all the photos to do it. AND even if I do rearrange the photos once I click on "events" the pics are NOT arranged the way I desire. This has never been a problem for Picasa. It is so easy your gramma can figure it out!

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