Pick one set of heaphones (with remote & mic)


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Apr 7, 2008
I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones to use with my iPhone at work and commuting and have narrowed it down to four options.

Each has a remote and mic (aka 3-Button Apple Control) so I can adjust the volumen and pause my music. I'm not an audiophile, mainly listen to podcasts and rock/alternative music and my budget is $120.

Please let me know which headphones you'd recommend. If you know of a better alternative please list that instead.

  1. $36 V-MODA Remix Remote
  2. $66 Maximo iP-595 iMetal 3-Button
  3. $120 Klipsch Reference S4i
  4. $120 Shure SE115m+

Thank you.


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Oct 23, 2011
I found a pair of the Klipsch X10i on the bay in open box/new condition for about $120. I like them WAY better than the standard S4i's. The Reference's might be nice though.


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Jul 8, 2010
i can only assume ryansebiz is after in ear style given his/her shortlist. In this case I would recommend Klipsch X10 or S4i, Shure SE215 with remote/mic, audeo phonak PFE or perfect bass model and xears nature n3i, thinksound ts02+mic

I have tried all of these and own se215 and nature n3.
se215 - mids + bass and awesome isolation. Blocks out everything and great for planes/trains.

N3 - best sound for money and perhaps best sound imo to all of these

X10, A.phonak PFE, perfect bass - overall these are excellent and are not bass bias. Very comfortable

S4i - good bass but not too heavy like beats. Comfortable. Some people still find its bass too much.

Hit up some reviews, check prices but you should be happy with either one of these


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Sep 25, 2009
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My vote is for the Shure headphones. The sound is one thing, but they also have a stellar warranty (no question replacement), come with 3 types and 3 sizes each of earpads, and can be worn a number of ways so the cable is out of your way.

Four oF NINE

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Sep 28, 2011
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Awesome - reply back with your thoughts.
I've only used the Klipsch Reference S4i set for a couple of days now, but I can say I'm impressed with the sound quality. Highs are bright, mid-ranges are crisp, bass is punchy and clean.

Construction is rugged. I get a good fit from the included earpieces. The input jack is gold plated, and straight in. The case is a metal Altoids style box with foam padding inside. The earbuds are black and copper. The wire insulation is smoky grey transparent. There's a clothing clip included for the wires.

I would have preferred the rubber wire insulation like I have on my Apple earbuds; Klipsch uses something a bit stiffer for the Reference S4i. The slack doesn't hang as loose, but on the other hand, it's less likely to tangle. Not a big issue.

Good separation of component sounds, and a sonic upgrade from the upgraded Apple in-ear buds I had been using before.

Klipsch also provides a no questions asked 2 year replacement warranty which resets every time you get a new pair.

All in all, very cool :cool:
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