Picked up a Targus case (made for ipad2) for $8 at Marshalls/TJ Maxx


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Feb 9, 2006
Jacksonville, FL
Just wanted to make a quick post for anyone running around looking for a case right now before the top cases come out/ship.

Now this is nothing special, but it fits (somewhat) and keeps a nice slim profile in a classy folio case. The new iPad fits, but slightly too snug to push all the way down, so the camera, sleep/wake, and headphone jack are a little off. I can live with that for a week or two until my Lexington case comes in.

Didn't wanna spend $40 to $60 for a case that I didn't plan on keeping...so after stopping by Best Buy, I ran next store to Marshalls and grabbed this case...for $8

http://www.targus.com/us/productdetail.aspx?regionId=7&sku=THZ130US&PageName=for Mac Cases & Accessories by Targus USA&productCategoryId=-1&bucketTypeId=194&searchedTerms=&navlevel1=products&cp=&bannertxt=for Mac Cases & Accessories

Again, it's nothing fancy, but at least my iPad is protected in a nice classy, slim folio style case for the time being.

Just wanted to share...here are the pics :D:eek:



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Mar 16, 2012
Nice. I got an off brand similar one (but not a hard case -leather all around at Tuesday Morning for about the same price. I feel so much better while I wait on SwitchEasy and/or Macally


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Mar 14, 2012
Nice. I was right next door and didn't even think to check there before Best Buy or Walmart.


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Mar 24, 2012
I thought I'd chime in to share my experience for folks feel the need to use protection before they use their new iPads (third generation). And to say thanks to Bazodee for the Tuesday Morning idea - I always forget about them!

I had picked up the same Targus basic folio case the day I picked up the new iPad from Marshall's, it's a tight fit but that's what I used to set up the new iPad as I didn't want to handle it "naked". I think since this is not leather the fit is going to depend on the assembly of the case (ie. how tight they glued certain parts together). While it slides in very snugly and offers a great amount of protection it is tight across the front and the bottom bows a bit. I'm not impressed with the material used for the backing either. But you can't beat that price at Marshall's for a temporary case! (BTW I saw the same at TJMaxx, same price)

I got some static cling screen protectors at Walmart (WriteRight by Fellowes brand), came in a 2 pack. There were various screen protectors at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, brands like Duracell and iHome (not clear if they were adhesive or not) for less than 10 bucks too, the iPad2 one fit since the screen is the same size. I wanted a static cling screen protector to use in the meantime that would not leave a residue on the device in preparation for the Zagg Invisible Shield (HD Maximum coverage front and back). There's a coupon at slickdeals for 25% off at Zagg's site, the cost was less than buying just the front one alone at Best Buy and they have free shipping right now.

I went to TJ Maxx and Tueday Morning this morning. TJ Maxx had the Targus A7 Sleeve for Apple iPad for 9.99 so I picked it up as well because it provides cushioning and water resistant neoprene protection. I am pleased that the iPad with a case installed fits inside it well. I also went to Tuesday Morning and looked at their cases, surprisingly large selection with some real high quality leather folios like Sena. I picked up a Casemate Gelli for iPad 2 from there for 9.99 and am pleased that it fits.

So until I can order a new case made for the new iPad I'm using the Gelli to protect the back and sides with the static screen protector to use the iPad and storing/transporting it in the Targus sleeve - great protection also for throwing in my Sak purse.

I look forward to reading these forums for tips on the the new cases, roll out dates, best ones, etc.


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Aug 26, 2009
Kewl ! I saw a few Xtrememac sleeves and tuffrap and Targus cases for $4 at Marshalls in my area. I didn't like the style of the Targus ones. They had that diamond shape in the front. But they were $4 too. Two weeks ago they were marked $7. I've learned in that store if they have a lot in stock, they will be marked down half price.

I went to Five Below and grabbed a Timbuk2 memory foam sleeve for $5. :D this thing retails for $40. I was shocked that it was there. I'm waiting to see an Incase for iPad there. They sell a lot of Incase and Incipio stuff there.


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Mar 24, 2012
Before today I've never heard of Five Below, probably because I'm in the Bay Area, California. Sounds like a great place to get good deals. I'm considering the new Incipio 3rd gen cases to order for the permanent solution. If anyone is in need of iPad 1 cases TJMaxx has 3 different Speck ones (pixelskin, candyshell, one other) for $5 on clearance at most of the stores I've visited. I bought the Vivitar Stylus for 5.99 from Tuesday Morning too, it works great. I didn't like the diagonal Targus case I saw at Marshall's either. I do like the A7 one though just cause it's extra transportation protection and it fits most of the cases including folio style ones. The Timbuk2 one you mention is the same concept but yours is prettier!