Pickpawcket breaks into the App Store! [Universal]

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    The ultimate line-of-sight puzzle game for iPhone and iPad.

    The dogs have stolen all the cat art and are displaying it in their museums! You are Pickpawcket, the world's sneakiest cat burglar. Your mission: get past the dogs and their security systems and retrieve the art.

    Pickpawcket is a game of sneaky action. Outwit the dogs with wind-up squirrels, TVs, and disguises to recover the artwork. Collect and enjoy all 60 amusing professionally-drawn cat paintings!


    - Works in HD on both iPhone and iPad
    - 60 fun levels with more to come
    - 60 delightful paintings to steal
    - 10 skills and obstacles to ace
    - 7 fun and sneaky songs
    - 30 Game Center achievements
    - Online leaderboards for each museum
    - Fun for all ages and skill levels

    "Pickpawcket succeeds where it counts, with challenging gameplay that rarely dips into frustration. When it does, knowing that something interesting (or hilarious) awaits you at the end of the level will keep you pressing onward. "

    TouchArcade review

    "Pickpawcket is more than a delightful play on words. It's a challenging line of sight puzzle game with 60 levels and 30 Game Center achievements. Most importantly, you get to outwit a bunch of top hat wearing dogs."

    Modojo review

    Incredible scoring

    Your scores are based on how fast you complete the level, the items you used and the gems you collected. Can you beat your friends? Find the fastest route through every level to boost your score. A huge variety of levels are included. Everything from the easiest of easy levels, to the devilishly difficult final heist can benefit from having quick wits and quicker fingers.

    It's your job to make sure Pickpawcket's reputation as the best thief and pickpocket remains intact. Are you up for the challenge?





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    Sep 7, 2010
    We've been working hard for the past month or so on a HUGE update to Pickpawcket.

    There is an all-new museum, the Spotsonian, with 20 challenging new levels and 20 awesome new portraits to steal back from the dogs. We've also added...

    ** POWER-UPS! **

    Every level you complete gives you milk bottles that you can trade in for any of over 20 fun new power-ups. The better you do on a level, the more milk bottles you get.

    Trade your milk bottles for awesome new power-ups like Cat Speed, Gem Magnet, Short Sighted Dogs, Super Stun, Master Of Disguise, and more!

    ** THE BEAGLE **

    Uh-oh. This is one smart dog. He uses his keen sense of smell to pick up your trail and catch you. He's not fooled by disguises, and won't fall for the old wind-up-squirrel trick. Can you outwit this one?

    ** CONFETTI **

    An all-new mechanic to use against the dogs. Pop the confetti bombs to disorient your canine opponents. Find them in the Spotsonian!

    We hope you love this update! I look forward to you guys challenging me for the top score position in this museum too! Oh - and by the way - you should be able to get this update any second now.

    Some screenshots of the update:




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