[Pics] New iMac home and I love it.. Some observations..

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Porshuh944turbo, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I'm typing on the new keyboard right now (wired) while using the new iMac at my house. I was at the Southlake Apple store when the first units came in the door. They didn't even have them when I got there at ~2:05pm CST today. I was a bit shocked, but it was awesome to watch them unbox the two demo 24" units in front of all of us.

    Anyway, I have to say the new keyboard is nice to type on, easy to feel where you are on the keys, etc.. I type around 85 wpm and the new keyboard doesn't hinder my typing speed or anything like that. I find that I can very comfortably rest my wrists on the table, instead of using some sort of wrist support (yes, I know you are not supposed to rest your wrists at all, but I do most of the time cause I'm lazy! haha).

    I should say though, that I also have a Macbook, so I am used to the keyboard feel, but pretty much any new keyboard you buy is going to take a day or two to get used to the feel, so that is not really a big deal.

    One other thing about the iMac itself: I am very glad I got to see it in person before looking at the photos. Actually, I did see some photos on my way to the Apple store courtesy Engadget's live blog, but they were hard to make out. Looking at the new iMacs in person is like looking at porn. I was practically drueling watching it being unboxed. My first comment was, "I love the black bezel around the screen". I always liked the new Plasma TVs and LCDs that had black glossy bezels because it makes the screen punch out even more. I love this on the new iMacs, but again, had I only seen it in pictures I might not have thought that.

    Also, because of the black bezel, the "leno chin" looks much less obtuse. Add the new black Apple logo and it doesn't look out of place to me like the chin on the old iMacs. The black backside of the iMac is just so smooth looking. I am in love with this new machine now. It is actually a friend of mine's who I just "converted" to Macs :) -- I will be ordering a 24", 2.8GHz C2E in about 20 minutes for myself!

    -Danny (self proclaimed fanboy)

    Update: I am posting the photos I took with my iPhone at the store to my Picasa web album. . . I'll post the link shortly!

    Update 2: Link: http://picasaweb.google.com/dannyzumwalt/NewAppleIMacAppleStoreUnboxingPhotos
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