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Pics: Ultimate Mac Mini interface. "lazy & productive" I-living rethought


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Snagged a $4000 X-ray film rolling (built like a tank) stand at a University auction for only $30 !!!, mounted stereo speakers, one on top of 8 foot pole you cant see, 27" screen, MAC MINI....I can roll it over the bed, be a bum and beam vids to the 60" TV and the Apple TV

surf, cruise, type, blast music...... roll it ANYWHERE in the house, FULLY articulated. Its an indestructible beast of a device actually.

cool? insane? (or both) :D


Ingenuity "on the cheap"


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Nov 20, 2007
No offence, but to my eye, that's one fugly mess; the antithesis of the Mac mini.

A very Windows/Android solution to a Mac setup.


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Jan 27, 2012
That looks like one big ass mess. Why would you want to roll around your desktop when you have a macbook in the background?
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