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Dec 17, 2009
I was drinking a Corona the other night here in Japan and happened to notice that one of the ingredients was corn...confirm/deny in your country?
The reason for this is because 6-row barley which is native to north america has a higher protein content than the two row barley historically used for pilsen style beer. When American macro breweries started copying the czech pilsen style the undesirable chill haze from the additional protein content became apparent and corn became the primary ingredient due to its lower protein and increasing regional availability. This practice continues today, despite the fact that ingredients such as corn and rice in beer are used mainly for ease in mass production and near indefinite shelf life while resulting in a less desirable product for the end user.


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Mar 11, 2010
Bristol, United Kingdom

Not a beer drinker, but since this thread is about Alcoholic drinks, here we go, this is what I've drank recently, Left to Right.. Vodka Original, Absolute Vodka (Rock Edition Case) and Vodka Apple.
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Aug 5, 2007
Southern California
Excellent choice!!! I love Stone Brewery. Going to the brewery this year in the summer!! Can't wait. I will post mine when I get home! Have lots of pictures!!!!
Thanks. :) I am also a big fan of their stuff. I am going for the tour in the summer myself. Thankfully they are just south of me in San Diego. :)

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