picture of your car

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Nov 18, 2004
I think i saw a similar thread, but that was a while ago.
also how can you afford that baby if you are a student? :eek:


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Oct 5, 2004
puckhead193 said:
inspired by this thread i thought it would be cool to see what other macrumors memebers drive.
heres my 2004 lexus ES 330 with nav. and mark lensinson sound system its hard to tell buts its a dark blue :cool:
My baby...
How old are you?


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Jan 6, 2004
nice car, i only have a '95 toyota Tercel, nothing special and i dont have any pics of it on hand anyways


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Jan 6, 2004
clayjohanson said:
I have two... '02 Audi TT quattro coupe, and a '98 Mercedes-Benz ML320 SUV. Here's the Audi.
i am offically jealous of you sir, i love the Audi TT, one of my favoriate cars, too bad i cant afford one, nor will i probably ever be able to afford one, i will however keep admiring them from the distance LoL


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Aug 1, 2004
Nara, Japan
It's a CLK 320, got it new, but I use it for business and it is getting too many Kilometers on it, has 230,000 kilometers on it, but still runs well.




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Original poster
May 25, 2004
CaptainCaveMann said:
How old are you?
When i got the car i was 18... it was a gift from my dad/mom. He likes lexus's he thinks their good reliable cars..... He likes the sales people and the service people their, all the other dealers (BMW, benz, even honda, i went to treated me like *****

This isn't bad compaired to somone in my school having an SL 500
after he crashed his parents 3 year old 7 series bmw.... :eek:


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Apr 20, 2004
Wow I wish I could figure out how to post on Mac Rumors.

I'll just describe my cars then

1) 2005 Mercedes E320 CDI- Black with Black interrior, pretty much loaded, Gets exceptional gas mileage-

2) 2004 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.4 -Black with Black interrior. A-Frame Brush Guard (covers just the grill), tail light gards, 19" wheels (stock)

3) 2001 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.6 -Grey-Silver with Black Interrior. Wrap around brush guards, tail light guards, roof rack (OEM) with Thule ski rack, 18" Wheels (stock), Dual 6.5" TVs in headrests- came with them, never have used them.
(Maybe soon to be replaced by new BMW 3 series)

I love my mercedes because its pretty quiet for a diesel, very nice cruising car. My favorite car is my '04 Range Rover, it has such a detailed interrior and exterior not to mension the very cool air suspersion ('01 also has it). I really like my '01 Range Rover, it has more of a off road ability and more of the heart of a Land Rover (yea not like the originals though). Despite the poor fuel economy of my Range Rovers, there unexceptional reliabilty, high repair costs, horrendous price devaluation, they are such beautifully built vehicles.

I like the new 3-series that are coming out. I miss the sporty feel of my audi A4 3.0 which was replaced by my E320 because the E320 got such great gas mileage.

Sample Pics- since I can't figure out how to do pics- i did a google image search
--Heres some similar pics to my '04 RR: Sample Pic (this one does not have the A-Frame brush guard
-- Sample Pic of my '01 Range Rover Ebay Link- Closest I could get
-- Sample Pic of E320 CDI Sample Pic

Grrr....I wish I could figure out how to add pics anyone want to tell me?


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Jul 19, 2004
Lexington, KY
Hey puckhead, tell your parents I want one, too!

Here's mine, at the Peterson coal mine in Alabama on a sample collecting trip in January. Can't see the Apple sticker (it's on the right rear), but it's there, I assure you. It was my first car; I got it in 1997, new, when I was 20. Still in graduate school, eight loooong years later... And let me tell you, I am very much looking forward to living above the poverty line (dang graduate stipends) :)



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Mar 21, 2004
Northern California
Well I have 3 different vehicles. 2 cars and a motorcycle. 1 of the cars actually runs! its a 1971 volkswagen van, bus, transporter, slow german piece of ****, or whatever you call them. Depends if your in them or behind them :). In the picture I'm with my cousin's girlfriend. we were doing our "album Cover" shot. Saw it on southpark. Faith+1. I also have a 1971 Citroen staion wagon. It doesn't run but its a pretty car. I picked it up for 500 bucks. To bad the enigne is froze up :(. And my motorcycle is a 1976 Kawaski kz900. It gets it. I have traveled a little on it. In the pic I was getting ready to go to santa cruz from Weaverville. Not to far but fun. Oh well the van may not be super fast or have much for a heater. But it sure does have a lot of wingwindows for the summer. Nad it can haul alot of friends for some good times.




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Jul 20, 2004
My graduation present :)

2004 Honda Civic LX...nothing fancy, but I love it!




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Mar 6, 2005
Adelaide, South Australia
A thread very similar to this was in the "Community discussion" forum some time ago. And so was the picture of that bus from memory.

Here are the pics of my car in Japan as I don't have a digital camera to take pic in Aus.

Car cost $2000AUd (~$1550USD) It's a Celica GT4 (Alltrac) ST-185



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Jul 24, 2002
My Jaguar.

Bought second hand so not nearly as expensive as you might think. Yes it's expensive to run. Yes it does 350 miles for £60 worth of petrol. No you can't get roof racks to fit so ski trips are difficult. No you cannot fit 4 full size (taller than say 5"6') in at all. But it's all worth it. :)

Link to pictures


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Jan 21, 2002
Langley, Washington
Joe Clark, (1991 Ford Taurus L [I hate Ford], 3.0L V6, 18/24/33 [City/Short Fwy/Long Fwy]) Drive it back and forth between Whidbey Island, WA and Flint, MI (via Lafayette, IN). Currently with out it, as I am 1100 miles from it. Nice interior, and no rust, just has an AM/FM Stereo though. Hope to replace it soon. It was FREE, from a church friend, to goto work in Porltand (since Laid off), in exchange for a little computer work on her iMac G4.
BTW, the other car in the picture is my parents 1992 Honda Civic, cost them $36 (cost to transfer the title) + $1000 in repairs. Was in an accident, and the punk owner didn't want it (and his parents are our neighbors).


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