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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Patriks7, Oct 5, 2009.

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    So, I now have a couple hundred pictures in Aperture, and I have yet to find an efficient way to organize my photos. In fact, they are so bad right now that it took me 20 minutes to find one last night. So what I am looking for is if you guys have some good ways of organizing that could work or some other ideas?
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    Hmmm... Aperture and Lightroom are DESIGNED to help organize photos. I'd try watching some of the how-to videos on Aperture's web site www.apple.com/aperture/tutorials I think they have videos pertaining to all of the ways you can organize your photos in Aperture (and there are a lot).

    BTW, I don't think the 18-55 and 55-250 lenses are "L" lenses ;)

    Edit: I counted 18 videos on Aperture photo organization
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    Thanks, I guess I just wasn't clear enough. I know how everything works in Aperture, I just don't have any categories to put my pictures into. Right now I practically have a these projects: "Presentation", "Photography Class", "House" and "Untitled" where I practically have all my pictures. And I can't figure out what new projects to make to put all the other pictures into.

    And you are right, they are not officially L, but they are my "luxury" :p
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    What you need to do is use metadata. So, setup some keywords based on what is in the picture. these can be anything that is relevant to you and the pictures you take. You could start with something like: People, Animal, Scene, Still Life, Abstract, etc. You can always add more keywords as you go, so for your animal pictures you could add bird, insect, mammal, fish, etc. to better differentiate different pictures. Keywords are just one type of metadata, you can also add place data based on where the photo was taken (this is really useful, espcially if you have a gps logger to tag this). Search around for more on metadata and exif which is the specific data for pictures.

    All the best
    Andrew Wright.
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    I have Folders. Each folder is labelled with a type, such as "Festivals", "Gigs", "Weddings", "Family", "PR", "Press" etc etc.

    Within each folder, I then have an Album for each shoot, labelled "Year/Month - Event" (ie: 2009/06 - Glastonbury"). All the images for that shoot then go into the Album. The Album can then contain Light Tables, Books etc etc etc.

    I find this a useful way to do things, as it means I can isolate down to an individual event without having to hammer away at the metadata every single time. If I want to isolate a particular kind of photo, I can use the folder designations, or I can do a search.
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    I use keywords to describe the kind of photo, underwater, landscape, cityscape, portrait, group photo, and so on. Most photos get more then one of these tags.

    Then I use comments to describe the subject, like "mary", John, or the location of a landscape or the name of the animal

    Then I rate the image. I hade to make up rules and write them down. I reserve 5 stars for only a few images I call "publishable and interesting to even those with no connection to the subject."

    Then I make smart folders that collect the phot s I want for some purpose. I tend to make a lot of these and organize these into folders. Some images can end up in ten or 12 smart folders. I don't keep track. I make smaert folders as required

    Some smart folders are as simple as "all phone 3 star and above images from a recent trip." others folders contain Vancouver city scape images taken over a several years period.. I also have a "fish catalog" with fish shot while divng here in So. California.

    So the thing is to TAG the images. That you organixze as you go along
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    Here is a thread that several of us had a few months ago. I think it will help you. I see that Chris A was in on that one too. In case the link doesn't work, search for the thread "Hobbyists, how do you organize your photos".

    Spend a little time thinking through a simple keyword structure that can be expanded in the future, then use it. Think of the project as a convenient place to dump photos in sort of a time-batch way, or specific shoot such as a wedding or something. You do your edits within the project, but the project is just the starting place for where you put your pictures (really, just pointers to them). You can then use smart albums, specific albums, albums that span projects, etc.



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