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    and I hope someone can help?

    I have just got my first Mac and I am trying to import my pictures from my old pc to my new Mac, via an external HD. The mac is in the process of copying the pictures to a folder on the desk top.
    How do I transfer them to IPhoto? and then what do I do with the folder that is left on the desktop?
    Also, I have tried to watch a movie using 'silverlight' but it will not work correctly, any ideas?
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    It's pretty straightforward. Open iPhoto > File menu > Import to Library... You'll then be able to select the folder on your Desktop.

    I recommend you use the Copy Items to the iPhoto Library feature, as once you have the photos in iPhoto, you should definitely not access them in any way but iPhoto - it can mess up iPhoto. Importing to the library hides them away where they're not easy to reach. Some people don't like that - they like to see where their files are. However, it's actually quite easy to find the originals when you know how, and if you do, you'll find they are very logically organized into folders by date.

    To set the Copy Items to the iPhoto Library preference, open iPhoto > iPhoto menu > Preferences > Advanced

    Once you have copied the photos into iPhoto and are satisfied all is well, you can drag the folder on your Desktop into the Trash and Empty Trash.

    Silverlight is a media-viewing browser plug-in from Microsoft. If you use the Safari browser you can confirm that you have it installed by going to Safari > Safari menu > Preferences > Security: Internet plug-ins > Website Settings... If Silverlight is not present, I suggest you go directly to the Microsoft web site to get the download (it's hard to trust browser pop-up invitations to download plug-ins these days).
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