Ping! doesnt work - it wont connect.

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Dec 6, 2009
hey everyone,

i'm using iPhone 3G with 3.1.2. a friend suggested me to use ping - a bbm like app that booms so much in my country. so i followed my friend and installed it. however, when i open ping, what appears is only "Connecting. Please wait". this message remains even after 10 minutes. does that always happen the first time one uses the app? i am connected to a wifi and not necessarily on cellular data network. and i have tried this on both the lite and full version (cr@cked though).

does anyone know what's wrong with my ping? or my phone? or my internet connection? :confused:

thx in advance! :D


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Jun 21, 2009
I'm glad it doesn't work for you and I won't be offering you any support. Neither should anyone else here with the app.

Gary puts a lot of work into this quality probuct and there is no need to DL cracked versions..
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