Ping - Just sent this feedback to Apple. Thoughts?

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  1. bigvb@hotmail.c macrumors member

    Oct 25, 2006
    Just sent this to Apple via their feedback page;

    Post your thoughts, and any feedback/ideas you have.


    Dear Apple

    Regarding itunes 10 and ping i have some ideas. You need to break the boundary between my actual itunes library and ping. If i buy a CD and import it, i should be able to right click on it (in my library) and select "send to ping" so that my 'circle of friends' can see i have this new album. If im listening to a song on my library i've had for a long time or even not, i should be able to right click on it and select "send to ping as your current favourite song", telling your circle of friends that this song is your current favourite.

    Following this theme, perhaps add an option to share on ping the song you're currently listening to. Obviously many people will not want to share this as they may be embarrassed as to some of the songs they listen to; but i still think it could be a very good feature. It could appear on your CoF's home ping page under a section called "what are my friends listening to now", it would display the Album Artwork, Song Name/Artist/Album (again each of you CoFs should be able to enable or disable this from showing up on 'their' profile).

    You should introduce a "favourite song of the week". So each week you can update ping with your favourite song manually (letting your CoF know your fav song you've been listening to this week), OR Ping can do this by calculating the song that has been played the most number of times in the last 7 days.

    Also you should be able to add playlists to your Ping page. Also special playlists should be available automatically, such as "Songs with 5 stars", "Songs with 4 stars", "Songs with over 3 stars", "Songs with over 'X' plays". These should be simple and easy to add to your ping.

    Also you need the ability to delete any news you have in your feed. Consider I go and buy a song that i feel embarrassed about; perhaps its a teen-pop song aimed at young girls, and i think my mates will make fun of me. I should be able to click on the new update telling everyone i have bought this, and select "remove from feed", so one i click this it is removed from the feeds of my CoF and hopefully no one will see it. (alternatively you could add the option when purchasing music, i.e. when i go to buy the song/album, there is a check box saying "Share on Ping" it can be selected as a deafly, but I should be able to deselect if (if i wish) for each purchase, so I can choose which purchases I share.

    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

  2. nlr macrumors 6502

    May 27, 2010
    Yeah I agree and people who pirate music (I don't) don't have these ping features..
  3. bigvb@hotmail.c thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 25, 2006
    pretty tough to implement. I think they have set up Ping to deter piracy a little. Since it only works with stuff bought from the store. Perhaps this is the reason there is not too much (/no) Ping-iTunes Library inter-connection.

    However this is a terrible idea if this is their reason; too many in the "Facebook Generation" pirate music. So to setup a social network, aimed at that demographic, which discriminated against those who pirate music; is just madness.

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