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    Dec 31, 2009
    Hey there. I got my iphone a week ago, and have been extremely careful with it. I ordered a bodyguardz thing for it, and until it comes in, i have not really used it at all. I use it around the house with extreme caution, and have only taken it out once. I leave it in the box whenever i'm not using it, so to not get a single scratch on it. I know I'm anal but it's how I am with new toys.

    anyway, I was reading online and stumbled across the water sensors in the phone. Curious, i took a look in my earphone jack of my iphone, and to my horror i saw a pinkish bottom. I have not even USED the phone let alone subject it to any kind of water damage what so ever. This was noticed less than a week after opening the phone, and I'm beginning to think maybe it was there from the time i purchased it? I have done ABSOULUTLEY nothing to subject it to damage. The only thing I can possibly think of is the time i brough it to play pond hockey. I didn't want it to get damaged, so i turned it off, and left it in my car inside my middle console box. I removed everything from the box to avoid any kind of damage whatsoever, and made sure it was turned off so it wasn't subject to cold temperatures. I fail to see how this would have had any negative effect what so ever.

    Is there anything I can do? I'm going shopping in a different city with some firends tomorrow, and there is an apple store in the mall. I was thinking of popping by and trying to explain my case (i know i have no apointment) but I am worried that the employee may tell me there is nothing he can do, and flag my phone as void. I know this sensor tripping is not my fault, so I am not ashamed to admit that I am thinking of using one of the many tricks to disguise this sensor. If I talk to the emploee and explain my case without showing him my phone, and he tells me that my waranty is void, i plan on either using white out to make the tab white again, or placing a white sticker in the bottom of my earphone jack to trick the reps if i ever need to get my phone replaced.

    Are the "genius' " understanding of this sort of ordeal? Am i completly screwed? Because I am not at ALL happy about this, considering i take nothing but prestine care of my toys, and have not done ANYTHING to cause this.
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    Has your phone been acting strange at all? If not, I'd just forget about it as a lot of phones make it through the life of the contract with no issues.

    If you do end up having issues, the genius at Apple or whoever inspects it after you send it in for service will immediately dismiss the case and flag it as having water damage. There's no way around it. I've never seen or heard of anybody disguising the tripped water sensor but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I'm sure you're aware that it's fraud but most people couldn't really care less.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    There is nothing wrong iwth it at all. One time the screen didn't work to slide to unlock. I locked it and unlocked it again and it worked fine. Slugish at times, but everything is. These things are most likely me being paranoid.

    Anyway, I could care less about fraud considering i did not cause this sensor problem in the first place.
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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Make a Appt

    at the store you might be turned away if you just show up. be very polite you gain nothing by yelling or being a jerk. if the you have bad luck with the Genius you can ask to talk to the manager, good luck!
  5. pcs are junk macrumors 65816

    Sep 28, 2009
    do not fret! you have 30 days to return the phone anyway if you dont like it. so make a genius bar appointment, leave your phone at home, and then go to the apple store. ask them about the situation, and if they deny you, ask to speak to the manager. if he denies you too, this is a thing that always works. go to AT&T, and you can return it and either get a different amount of memory, or the same amount in a different color. if this for some reason doesnt work, (which im 99.9% sure it will), then take a tiny piece of tissue paper, about 2 or 3 layers of it, and make it the side of the head phone jack, place it on top of the hole, take the head phones and carefully stick them in, make sure to keep the brass clips exposed. (brass clips are inside the bottom of the headphone jack, just above the sensor). now take it to a different apple store, say that theres a problem or something, make something up, or like jailbreak it and brick it or something lol, well make sure they dont see the jailbreak....or proof of it being bricked because of jailbreaking it, (btw jailbreaking in general does not brick your phone, you have to seriously screw up to brick it), and they should replace it, if they can still see that the sensor is pink, theyll ask you why you put the paper down there, and u say, "oh, well i was looking up some information on google, and i stumbled across this thing about something in the head phone jack that is supposed to be white, so i was curious and checked down there with a flashlight, it turned out mine was pink, so i shoved some tissue down there because i wanted mine to be just like everyone else's." im sure that at least 1 of these methods will work. if they dont, just insure it with like geico of something lol. they do that btw. good luck and i hope apple/at&t replaces it.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    Well I wnt to the store with my iPhone and spoke to a girl about it. Shr asked to see my phone and told m she was going to take it to the back to ask a genius. I was skeptical because I didn't want my info to be put in the computers. She told me she wasn't going to and went to the back. She came back out about 3 minutes later and told me the best thing she could suggest would be to book an apoimymnt. She really pushed that but I declined. I asked if the info had been put in the computers and she assured me that it hadn't been. Do you think she was lying to me? I really see no reason for her to lie. She told me that they can't put it into the computer unless I book an apointment. I told her I couldn't so she said okay. Do you hink I just got screwed over or do you think I can still book a genius apt and hide my sensor?
    I've read about people who have had thir waranty void by a genius and they mailed it in and got a replacement.

    I was doing some more research on the topic, and stumbled across the apple waranty info page. I entered my serial number, and it told my my phone is under limited 1 year waranty.

    If my phone had been voided in the computer, would my waranty discription on the site have changed at all? Would i see there that my waranty is void?

    If anyone who knows their waranty has been void by an apple genius, (and therefore flagged in the computer for other stores to see) can you do me a favour by checking your waranty information on the site and tell me what you see?
  7. iphone-lover macrumors newbie

    Jan 10, 2010
    I would also like to know about this. I recently went into the apple store because my battery seemed to be having extremly low battery life but i was rejected from service because of a pink water sensor i did not enduce.

    The Genius did not apear to enter anything into his computer though so I guess i can still try and trick them next time i go in. I checked that link Shwonx gave but it said i had limited waranty, so he must not have entered anything.

    Can anyone who has been rejected a second time becuase of a waranty flag verfy using the waranty checker site to tell me whether it does or does not say your waranty is void?

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