Pinterest Gains Collaborative 'Activity Feed' Tool to Make Event Planning Easier

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    Pinterest today announced the launch of a new social collaboration tool, called the "activity feed" for group boards. This section of the app will let members weigh in with a quick like or comment, @ mention another user, or start a new thread, and includes updates when members add new pins, create new sections, new members join, someone likes or comments, and more.


    The app had comment support before, but each comment had to be attached to a specific pin. Now all comments will be organized in the activity feed so that conversations are easier to follow, and users will be able to start threads of their own on the collaborative board for all members to see, or under specific activities in the feed.

    Pinterest is hoping to further facilitate the use of its platform as a party-planning tool for birthdays, weddings, and other events by introducing deeper social features that keep its users within the app. Earlier this year, the company introduced a "Following" tab that makes it easier to discover new ideas from users you follow.
    The group activity feed will be available starting today across Pinterest's mobile apps and on the web.

    Article Link: Pinterest Gains Collaborative 'Activity Feed' Tool to Make Event Planning Easier
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    I’ve given up on Pinterest due to their puritanical attitude and poor customer servive.
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    I despise this platform for their spam on almost every google photo search result hiding behind a „install app to view“ wall. Google should rank them at the bottom honestly. There must be some money involved for those to rank so well
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    Ask macrumors. There's no reason whatsoever for "news" like this.
  5. ipedro, Jul 11, 2018
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    I hate that. Is there a Safari plug-in or a Google preference that deletes search results from a specific URL?

    EDIT — I found the answer. Google used to have a Block Site from search results feature. They discontinued it in 2013. There’s a Chrome extension that does this but as far as I know, nothing for Safari.


    I can’t wait for Pinterest to go down in flames. Everybody hates the damn thing and I can’t remember the last time it was relevant or got linked to in purpose.

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