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Jul 3, 2002
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Opinions needed.

Ordering a new SuperDrive from OWC and they have the Pioneer 106 (which is natively supported for $75) or the Pioneer 109 (which requires patchburn for $99). This is for a Digital Audio machine (DP533 soon Giga DP1.4).

Any thoughts to when the Pioneer 109 will be natively (if ever) supported? Are the 108's supported? (I think the 107's are but not sure either).

Thanks folks!


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Hey RGunner,

Just had another thought on this - if you did buy a DVR108 or DVR109, you could put it in an external firewire case. At least iDVD '05 would work with it, though you still might need PatchBurn for iTunes and iMovie. In the future, if Tiger offers native support you could then install it internally.

I got a really amazing deal on the DVR108 at a computer fair ($70 including tax and two RiData dual-layer DVD+Rs), and it has been really great to me. Incidentally, I've slowly been adding upgrades to the B/W you sold me last year, and it's working like a charm! Thanks again...

Cheers! :D
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