PIQ and Rossignol Launch Ski Sensor to Track Performance on Slopes

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    PIQ has partnered with Rossignol to create a new version of its multi-sport sensor for tracking skiing performance on the slopes (via Engadget). The 13-axis ski sensor attaches to a ski boot and allows skiers to record runs, analyze turns, challenge friends, track best speeds and more.
    PIQ sells a package with the sensor and Rossignol ski accessory for EUR149, or the EUR49 ski accessory can be purchased separately for those that already own a PIQ sensor. The products can be pre-ordered until January 12, 2016 and will ship in February before general public availability.

    Rossignol's companion Ski Pursuit app is free on the App Store for iPhone [Direct Link].

    Article Link: PIQ and Rossignol Launch Ski Sensor to Track Performance on Slopes
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    Somewhere in the USA
  3. 2457282 Suspended

    Dec 6, 2012
    I don't ski any more, but when I did, I did not need a tracker. I always considered it a success if I got to the bottom without killing myself. :)
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    Not that I know of :p
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    More and more, this isn't Macrumors to me and it's more "product reviews and product news"

    Is Apple just running a tighter ship? I feel like we have less rumors than we used to or is it just an editorial decision that MR is opting to post less rumors because they're afraid of being seen as unreliable?
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    Just please tell me there won't be some kind of real-time app to go with it. People looking at their phones while walking down a sidewalk is one thing....
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    We post rumors whenever there are rumors to post. Rumors always slow down around this time of year with new product launches before the next round of rumors ramp up. I would expect to see a lot of Apple Watch rumors starting in mid-January, MacBook rumors following that, and then we'll get into serious next-generation iPhone and iPad rumors. In short, no editorial changes here, just the ebb and flow of the rumor cycle.
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    I've been reading MacRumors on NetNewsWire since 2002. I do understand the rumor-cycle and while it's changed over the years (MWSF/MWNY are no longer fixtures in the community), this website seems to have transitioned from rumors and apple-news (quarterly earnings, product refreshes) to over half of the content being product reviews and giveaways. It just seems like MR needs to spin-off that content (like Touch Arcade) to another site and keep MR focused on Rumors.

    I'd also like an RSS feed that is just rumors instead of rumors + ThirdParty Products / Reviews / Giveaways).

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    PS: It took me scrolling through 27 articles on the front page before finally arriving to a 'rumor' which was, "Apple Planning March 2016 Event to Unveil Next-Generation Apple Watch, iPhone 6c Possible Too" Which was really just linking to 9to5mac. Do you guys not have people sending in rumor tips anymore? I'm not trying to be a pain in your butt, I just feel like this site went from Rumors + news and now rumors are a single digit percentage of the content.
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    Perfect author to write this article! lol :p
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    How can something on your wrist understand the G-force at your ski boot when you land? How does your hand position relate to your carve angle? So your Fenix may do a lot of stuff, and it may do "that" but it doesn't do "all of that".

    I was a freestyle skier just before Jonny Moseley started pushing the line of going upside-down in the bumps. This would be a really cool thing to check out - mostly out of curiosity on how accurate it might be. It'd be fun to know if I favor a side or can't put as much force in a direction.
  12. NightFox macrumors 68020


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    Shropshire, UK
    Seriously, your fenix 3 measures: "stats like edge-to-edge speed, G-force and carving angle, while giving freestyle skiers air time, G-force at landing, rotation and more"?

    My fenix 3 just times my runs and records their GPS track.

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