Pirate Gunner - (by Black Pearl Games) - Universal App

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    Pirate Gunner - (by Black Pearl Games) - Universal App


    Pirate Gunner by Black Pearl now invades the App Store! Download now to enjoy the Sea Battles, Love and Treasures!

    iTunes Link: Download Pirate Gunner now!

    Experience the exciting pirate life sailing across the seven seas! Get entangled in thrilling sea battles with all manners of ships and sea monsters in “Pirate Gunner’s” 20 Act Story Mode, 50 Level Puzzle Mode, and Infinite sea battle challenges in Arcade mode at a price no scurvy pirate could resist giving up their pieces of eight for, of just $1.99 US!

    You’ll quickly get wrapped up in this fun filled story of pirate treasure hunting and romance through it’s cool animated artwork and grand musical score, amidst the backdrop of sea battles that you control through solving puzzles that will blast your cannons at your enemies, sending the lot of them to Davy Jones’ Locker!

    • An intuitive brand new pirate puzzle game, where connecting fuse bits will fire your cannons.
    • Solving puzzles rewards you with real-time animated sea battle scenes that are affected by the way you play!!
    • Original story of epic sea battles, love and of course—treasure!

    “Sporting lots of very beautiful window dressing – including an entertaining light plot – and three modes of play that sufficiently twist the core concept, Pirate Gunner looks like a definite winner. It’s certainly geared toward puzzle fans, but my, is it shaping up to be one of the most glowing offerings within that genre.” – iFanzine, Sean Koch

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    I like the artwork! Going to give it it a try.

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