Pismo Problem-Blank Screen,chimes only once when attempting PRAM reset.


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Aug 31, 2006
This is a continuation of my original problem I had here:


I attempted to do a reinstall of OSX over the top as the 'no entry' symbol kept showing on start up....as well as the video becoming scrambled and then finally causing the machine to crash.

As my updated CD internal CD Writer/DVD player does not boot direct from the OSX CD I replaced it with my original pismo cd/dvd drive.

Before attempting the re install of the OS I tried a PRAM reset, but the machine would only chime once, and not multiple times if held down.

The machine will only chime once on start up, even whilst holding down Alt, Option and P, R after powering on the machine.

Since i had the problem from the original post above I have tried the following:

1. Changing the RAM (removing all and testing them one by one. in the pismo)

2. Bought and installed a new PRAM battery.

3. removed the laptop battery and cd drives when starting up the machine using the mains.

But still the screen remains dark, yet there seems to be the usual very slight 'wurr' of the harddrive or fan so it seems to be doing something.

I thought maybe the following is the fault:

1. The logic board has finally completely broken, as the initial problem with this machine was the scrambled/corrupt graphics.

2. The OS needed replacing as on booting the machine shows the 'no entry' symbol.

3. The new PRAM is as dead as the old one.

Am I overlooking a simple solution?

If it is 'kapput' and finally had its day, i would like to get the data off the hard drive. I have bought a HD cradle with USB connector for the hard drive. Would the drive be recognisable on a Windows machine, as the closest machine that is readily available uses WIndows.

Ill appreciate all feedback, thank you!

Please help!