Pismo showing it's age :(

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by KingYaba, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Aug 7, 2005
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    It's about time I update... I'm thinking it will last me another month but it's starting to crash a lot now. sometimes it wont boot up. I'm having to press the power button several times before I hear the disk spinning. Even after that the screen may not turn on.

    THe computer is running hotter now than I remember it. The LCD screen has streaks on it if you look on the side. It's from the keyboard being pressed up against the screen when you have it closed. Very noticeable when turned off. Not to mention the screen it's self is dimmed, and quite darker on the bottom corners. Battery is dead, cd/dvd drive is shot.

    The computer seems to strugle when I have iTunes, safari (or camino), and ichat open. Plus my tab key is missing :( Quicktime movies don't play well at all no matter what size. Flash content on the web... forget about it.

    So to end my little rant it would be very nice to see the "rev b" macbook pros come out soon. Any suggestions on what I could do? Could something be loose in my powerbook?

    If your wondering: G3 400mhz (FireWire) powerbook with 384mb RAM. 6 gig harddrive. Granted I have an eMac but I share it a lot with other people and I don't use it all to often. Thus I'm using this machine instead.
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    haha, you're the trooper.

    I say buy whenever you need to. Personally I wouldn't wait till Rev' B and technically the MBPs are what? into Rev Cs or something? I dunno, I heard that somewhere. If you even get a Macbook or a used iBook it'd still be like 4000x faster than that Pismo. And have a working optical drive. :D

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