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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by scribble79, Mar 14, 2016.

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    I a 2014 13" MBP that I have put all my old pictures from my old PC in teh pictures section but I see there is a a photo app that seems to contain pictures from my phone. When I am working with an app and need a picture from my phone it is in photos but will not allow me to use it unless I move it some place else.

    I guess my question is how best to use one or the other. I don't like have multiple locations to search through for items.

    Please help
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    There are people who strongly dislike using Photos, but I'm a fan. For my part, I make sure all my images are accessible through Photos. If you've copied images directly into the Pictures folder (or elsewhere), you can later Import them into Photos. Then it'll function as the central hub for all your images.

    Photos is used both for organizing images and for editing them (cropping, color correction, removing red eye and blemishes, etc.).

    For organizing, you can create albums for any subject/purpose, and the same photo can be placed in multiple albums without wasting additional hard disk space (it does not make copies of those images). It has built-in facial recognition, so you can semi-automate organizing images of friends and family members, if you wish.

    It's designed to work hand-in-hand with your iPhone via iCloud (automatically transferring photos from iPhone to Mac, or vice versa), as well as when you connect iPhones (or any phone) and cameras to the Mac, so that all your photos can be gathered in one place. Images are automatically organized by date, and if there's GPS data with the photo, by location as well.

    Photos also integrates tightly with other apps. Did you know you can drag and drop images from Photos into a new Mail message, into iMessage, FaceTime, Finder, word processors, etc.?

    If you edit your images in Photos, those edits are non-destructive - your master image is never changed - you can change your mind, make multiple versions of the same image (b&w, color, different cropping)... all without making copies or permanently changing the original, and those multiple images take up very little additional storage space (while maintaining full quality).

    There are two principle ways to share images with others. You can use the File menu > Export option (creates copies for upload, etc.) - that's probably the way you've been doing it. Or in the case of a fair number of apps, including social media and photo sharing sites, you can use the Share icon (the square with the up-arrow next to the Search box). (I suggest you click that icon to see some of the possibilities, and click "More..." from that menu to see additional options.)

    Photos is a pretty big topic. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the resources in the Photos Help menu to learn what it can do.

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