Pixel Penguin[tamagotchi-style]

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    May 27, 2013
    8-bit game—I Love CHiCHi

    I Love CHiCHi is an iPhone social virtual-pet game with the retro-style-also a cute pixel penguin

    Today we released in iTunes.https://itunes.apple.com/app/i-love-chichi/id640032696?mt=8


    Do you still remember the virtual chicken pet game that used to rock the whole world 16 years ago?
    Do you want to raise a pet or play with your friend?

    You may think rasie a pet alone is not enough.
    Yep,its not enough at all.
    How could there would be no multiplayer online game?
    I Love CHiCHi provide many mode for all of you.
    Must meet everyone's wish!
    Surely sometime you want play game yourself without others.
    I Love CHiCHi provide many many single player mission too.
    I should tell you "Dont give up before arriving the end"
    Look forward to what your pet grows, and what will it look like then?
    No one knows...
    1. 8-bit Pixel
    2. Retro style
    1.Feed your pet on time if you love your pet.
    2.Let your pet do excise if it has time and energy.
    3.You can buy textbooks in the shop and teach your pet. Why not get your pet a PhD?
    4.Hats, Psy's sunglasses, and tie. Suit up your pet!
    5.Team up with facebook friends
    6.Wanna see 6 penguins running in a game? Start play CHiCHi game!
    7.Language support:English and Japanese(other languages will coming soon)

    Support and feedback(We have several codes,if you want,click the link below to contact us):​

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