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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by monsieurpaul, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I’m starting to feel a bit cramped on my 2009 MBP 15” 1440x900 screen, especially now that I have a 2 displays setup at work (on Win XP alas). I’m planning to invest in more pixel real estate and I’m currently looking on 2 options: Apple Cinema Display 27” or 2 23” 1080p displays.

    - Apple Cinema Display 27” (not the thunderbolt version)

    • Vertical resolution: 1440 px
    • Neatness: magsafe for my MBP, USB hub, iSight, just one power plug

    • Price
    • It’s just one screen

    - Two 23” 1080p display + matrox DualHead2Go

    • Price
    • Horizontal resolution: 3840 px
    • Two screens

    • Messiness: 4 power plugs (MBP, DualHead2GO, Monitor x 2), 3 video cables and 1 mini-display port VGA adapter, and that’s before thinking about an USB hub or a webcam

    I plan to use the MBP closed, with the Bluetooth keyboard and a USB mouse. It will be mainly for coding, so my feeling is that I will rather have several big windows than one huge window.

    I do like my 2 displays setup, I feel more comfortable looking at 2 distinct screens than 2 windows on the same screen. On the other hand, I’ve never used a 27” 2560x1440 screen.

    I have read that not everything is well with Mission Control and multiple display, on the other hand are there good solutions/apps for sharing one display between several apps?

    That’s a lot of questions and I would like to have your input and experience about this.

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    Long ago I made the switch from two screens (each 18", 1280x1024) to one (24", 1920x1200), and I thought I wouldn't like it - but it's been fine, especially since I use Spaces.

    If you're really sold on keeping two screens, I don't see why you shouldn't, especially since you're going to have the lid closed. Don't worry about the electrical cords; they're going to stay plugged in, so once you hook them up once you're done messing with them. And like you said, it's cheaper than a single 27".

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