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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Tknull, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Why is making simple image adjustments so difficult.

    I was finally getting used to the change in Pixelmator that forced you to "Save As", and overwrite the existing file in order to save any changes made to a file. Now, if I edit any image, the filename of the open image changes to "Untitled", and I have to save the file and rename it and replace it over the old. If editing a lot of files, this is getting ridiculously cumbersome.

    Next, a few of the color adjustments i occasionally use, such as Vibrance, i cant find. Was in a menu before... now there is a palette for Effects, one menu choice of which is Color Adjustments. When i search the help menu for Vibrance, it says it is one of the "Other Color Adjustments" but i cant see it in the palette or anywhere else.

    Getting harder to do work, not easier.
  2. ezekielrage_99, Aug 14, 2012
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    This sounds like more of an issue with Lion/Snow Lion locking the files after two weeks, the same issue was driving me insane with Motion 5, Photoshop and Illustrator. To turn the lock file after two weeks you'll have to open up the Timemachine settings and uncheck the lock after two week option.

    For general colour command U or command B should be an better option for getting a great look. I'm actually using these shortcuts now instead of Vibrance, it see far better for tweaking photos.

    EDIT: Just downloaded the new version.. sorry for being derp :( But the vibrancy seems to be killed for the new Effects Browser, BTW it feels more useful and less "Photoshop" but I tend to like it. Command 3 (Effects Brower) seems to have most of the old stuff anyways....
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    So it seems that the reason the filename changes to "untitled", forcing me to rename the file as the original name, is that the files have not been modified in a long time. Previously (pre ML), it gave a dialog box that asked if it was ok to modify the file. Now it just seems to rename the file. Very annoying. So i have to figure out how to stop this. Seem to recall that you could change a setting somewhere to tell the OS not to ask you about modifying old files...?

    Second issue is that it is automatically saving those files that it renames to "untitled" in the cloud... something i do NOT want. So i periodically have to go to the cloud box and delete them manually.
  4. Ap0ks macrumors 6502

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    FYI, according to the release notes Vibrance is back in v2.1.3 along with Gamma, Swipe and Box Blur

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