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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by FrankySavvy, Oct 31, 2014.

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    So I own both Pixelmator and Photoshop Touch for iPad.

    As a Graphic Designer who has used the powerful desktop version of Photoshop, I wanted something that could come close for image editing and manipulation. on my iPad.

    At the iPad Air 2 keynote, Pixelmator was introduced and at its $4.99 price point, it was an easy buy. Most reviews have said Pixelmator is as easy to use as Apples Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I have to agree.

    The ease of use of the interface follows the same basic U.I design as Apples software, so although its new, it seems familiar.

    For basic photo level adjustments or filters, Pixelmator is far more user friendly then Photoshop Touch. I love the U.I type dial that comes up to adjust certain levels and effects.

    The more advanced tools such as the selection tools like "Magic Wand" and "Repair" tool work very well. It is easy to select certain parts of an image to adjust levels. Using the dial adjustment for the "Magic Wand" is very smart and accurate. The selection tools are very smart! For much of what Photographers do this is hands down the most user friendly of the two apps.

    However for power users who have the need for more advanced techniques like photo collage manipulation, Pixelmator starts to show its limits.

    You can refine the edge of your selections in Pixelmator, but the options are lacking. Refine Edge in Photoshop Touch is much more powerful in creating a much better mask. Photoshop Touch also has "Extract" and "Feather" options to even more refine your selection.

    Another thing that killed me about Pixelmator, is the lack of being able to invert your selection. Photoshop Touch has an Inverse option. Pixelmator does not. OUCH!

    Even though both apps have layers, Photoshop Touch handles layers much better. You can select all pixels in a layer in Photoshop Touch and get the original selection you started with in the first place. In Pixelmator, it won't remember your selection so you need to create a completely new selection. OUCH! AGAIN!

    Another feature Pixelmator lacks is the powerful Clone Stamp tool that photoshop users have grown to love. Pixelmator users have to strictly rely on the Repair tool to remove unwanted objects from their image. You can really refine a touch up job in Photoshop Touch with Clone Stamp, because you can pixel by pixel touch up an image by defining the source of the clone stamp and implementing it. Way more powerful then a simple repair brush.

    Pixelmator is a great App. It is far easier to use then Photoshop Touch. For Photographers and casual use, it is well worth the $4.99 price and will get the job done. However for more advance techniques in photo manipulation that Photoshop users have come to rely on, Pixelmator lacks.

    Photoshop Touch is much more powerful, albeit has a steeper learning curve. For most users the more advanced features of Photoshop Touch won't be needed but for professionals they will be sorely missed.

    In conclusion, both apps are great! Pixelmators quick learning curve, user friendly U.I and not having to rely on creative cloud are reasons enough to buy for most users. However for professionals/power users I would get Photoshop Touch instead. It will take longer to learn, and the U.I might be a little more advanced, but the app itself is way more powerful. Hope this insight helps you make the right choice for what you need, just figured I would share my two cents.
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    Nice reviews. I have no experience with photo editing on iPad, do you find that you can be accurate with your finger or do you use some kind of stylus to be effective?
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    For most things, just my finger is fine, atleast with photo editing, there are times when a stylus is needed for more accurate details. Definitely needed for painting.
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    Thank you so much for this wonderfull review, I really enjoyed reading it.
    Even more since I'm testing Pixelmator on my Mac right now.
  5. FrankySavvy thread starter macrumors 65816

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    No problem! glad you liked it!

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