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    This App looks interesting, and I too would like to know if anyone has bought it and has their opinions.

    To be honest, couldn't use one of the many 'light' apps, thereby producing a white screen, and checking for dead pixels? Some people may buy this App just to check if they have dead pixels, but they may not. This isn't the best option (the App is cheap anyway) but may be a good idea.

    Would, too, like to hear from anyone who has tried this App.
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    I'm more interested in the 'fixing' part of the app, ie, it saying that it's software may be able to fix stuck pixels etc...

    Any success stories using this? So far there are still no ratings on the App store, which is odd.
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    It just cycles through colors like every other stuck pixel fixer, doesn't it? If you have a stuck pixel and you don't want to pay for it, try this... (it's an iPhone webapp).

    The technique works best for stuck pixels (locked to a color other than white or black) rather than dead pixels. It doesn't always work, but it does frequently. My iMac is the only device I've ever owned with a stuck pixel and it worked for that. Don't have any on my iPhone so I can't comment, but it is an LCD, so I don't see why the mechanism would be any different.

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    I did a bit of research

    I found successful cases in US, UK and Canada.

    Go to iTune (desktop) home, scroll to the very bottom, change the country before you search the apps you are looking for.

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