Pkgbackup 3.1.7 Problems

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by iphoneuser2008, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Dec 29, 2009

    (1) When I save, and then restore with Pkgbackup version 3.1.7, my original created category folder icons are changed to a type of "generic" looking folder. These generic icons are not the same icons I had when I saved under 3.1.7. Then when I go in into the main categories app and select "edit" and try to change the style of the icon back, I find that it will not let me change the icon at all. So I am thereby stuck with the generic looking folder permanently, with no way to change it.

    Is this a known problem? Is there a fix?

    (2) Another issue: I saved under Pkgbackup version 3.1.7, and then did a full clean firmware restore to my iphone. When my created categories app folder for "games" appeared, it was that mentioned above generic folder. I then synced with my itunes, and installed my 30 games to my iphone. When it was done syncing, my main springboard showed all 30 game icons/programs on my springboard. When I also opened my categories folder marked "games", the exact same 30 icons also were in my categories games folder.

    So my question is this, why does Pkgbackup 3.1.7 have the icons appear both in the restored categories folder, and then on your main springboard again. I mean, are we expected to have to go back and individually "re-hide" each of my 30 games under SBSetttings all over again. I mean, I ask cause it kindof defeats the purpose of having a categories restore, if you have to go through the trouble of re-hiding all those apps that were in your original restored categories folder.

    Is this also a known problem? Is there a fix?

    (3) Another issue: I saved under Pkgbackup version 3.1.7, and then did a full clean firmware restore to my iphone. When I restored with pkgbackup 3.1.7, I had 50 packages that were listed and saved within Pkgbackup 3.1.7. After I went into pkgbackup and selected "restore all packages" , and then pressed restore, pkgbackup began working and then ended by telling me to reboot, which I did. After the reboot, I then ran pkgbackup and it said that it had only restored 41 of the 50 packages. So then I again selected "restore all packages" and pressed restore. Again it cycled through another restore, and then asked to be rebooted. I then ran pkgbackup again, and it still showed that the same 41 of 50 packages were installed, with the same nine not installing. Why does this happen, and what is the best way to fix this?
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    1) This sounds like a settings issue to me. PkgBackup does not save/restore settings
    2) Settings issues again, I always remove all apps from Categories folders before restoring as it seems to eliminate issues. Only takes a few minutes to drop them back into folders anyway
    3) Sounds like the missing packages might not have been available to download, perhaps they have been removed, updated to new version or the repos were down.

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