Places in the UK that Apple pay works.

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    Jan 22, 2015
    After having a couple of friends having problems i thought I'd make a small list of places that :apple:Pay has worked for me.

    Boots (have removed £20 cap but i didn't spend that much)
    M&S (have removed £20 cap but i didn't spend that much)
    Pret (have removed £20 cap but i didn't spend that much)
    Tesco (Natwest card worked perfectly, Amex didn't go through)
    Greggs (via other members in the forums)

    (Friend in Birmingham has had trouble in Greggs, I tweeted them and they said they do accept :apple:Pay)

    Others that have removed the £20 cap are
    Jack & Jones
    Louis Vuitton
    National Maritime Museum
    Thomas Sabo
    Vodafone stores
    TFL (please pre-authorise your fingerprint to cut down on gate opening times)
    Black Cabs
    Service stations I've never heard of
    Virgin Atlantic
    Bills Restaurants
    Brooks Brothers
    Cote (One of my favorites)
    Le Pain Quotidien
    Patisserie Valerie
    Simi Sarayi
    Swan at the Globe

    If you have tried elsewhere please let me know! Have fun spending your money!!
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    I think you read the same article as me and I've written to the author pointing out some inaccuracies.

    M&S tweted me that they do have a £20 cap. H&M do too.

    I'd take the article with a pinch of salt.

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