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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by stoid, Jan 12, 2006.

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    So I'm going through the process of planning a semester overseas, and for a number of reasons I have chosen New Zealand to be my destination of choice. I think that the most important decision is going to be which University I study at. I am an art/computer science/broadcasting student but am going to be taking course unrelated to my major to fulfill my general education requirements for my degrees. Most likely choices are going to be classes (since they are the requirements I need to fill) in humanities/philosphy, general biology, government and politics, and maybe an design related art course to explore art in a different culture.

    As with finding a college here in the States, you can read as much as you like about a University, but finding out what locals think about the school, and it's reputation are just as important as any school sponsored propaganda. I know that there are several New Zealand residents regular on the forum, so I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on my options and choices.

    I have been impressed or at least interested by the information about this universities:

    Auckland University of Technology
    University of Waikato
    Massey University
    University of Canterbury

    The program that my university is affiliated with would also be able to help me enroll in these other Universities (so if any of them is particularly awesome, but the information in the packet didn't do it justice, let me know!):

    Lincoln University
    University of Auckland
    University of Otago
    Victoria University of Wellington

    I was born, raised, and go to school in Missouri, and haven't gotten too much chance to travel, so this is as much a 'vacation' for me as it is a study opportunity. I am athletically ambitious (if not too gifted) and would like to explore things like mountain climbing or skiing or some such, so mountains close to the university also counts as a plus. Thanks for your input, I'm very excited and am thrilled about this opportunity!
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    Go to the "South Island" if you want to do "sporty" stuff. Did you know that Queenstown is the extreme......sorry, I meant Xtreme sports capital of the world? Neither did I, but that's what those sheep-lovers tell the tourists. :p

    Anyway, that would take the 2 Auckland Uni's that you mentioned, along with the one in Wellington. You still have 5 unis to choose from.

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