Planning to buy an Applecare off ebay? Be cautious !!!

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    Oct 19, 2010
    We all know Applecare protection plan for an iPhone is being sold for $69 in the US and $79 in Canada, and also know that it's being offered at cheaper prices from sellers at ebay, but, before proceeding to buy one from a seller at ebay, please read the latest experience of mine.

    I bought two iphone 4s and looked for cheaper Applecares at ebay, as about a year ago I succesfully registered Applecares, which were purchased from sellers off ebay, for my ipods and a Macbook. They all sent codes only by emails and worked just fine. No questions asked by Apple.

    Three weeks ago, I bought two Applecares from two reputable sellers at ebay; one worked fine and successfully registered with little bit of hassle. Apple's registration webpage didn't accept it right away, but requested a proof of purchase. It requested one for Applecare, but I misunderstood it and I sent a receipt for my iPhone purchase. Anyways, it went through and was registered.

    The other Applecare, however, started all the troubles. I bought this one from an ebay seller who claimed that his Applecares were from an Apple reseller, and that he had the retail box on his hand by showing the picture of the box in the ebay listing.

    The registration page at Apple's website didn't accept the code and requested proof of purchase again. I sent a receipt for my iPhone by misunderstanding, but Apple emailed me to request one for the Applecare. I called Applecare and was told that they could register the Applecare with registration code and serial number printed outside of the retail box. I contacted the seller at ebay, but he failed to provide the info. It seemed that he did have only codes supplied by his supplier, but did not have a retail box. He claimed he had the retail box by showing the actual picture of the retail box in the ebay listing. I sent a copy of ebay page to Apple, but Apple said it was not an acceptable form of proof of purchase. Apple required me to submit a proof of purchase from an Applestore or an authorized Apple reseller. I contacted the seller at ebay again, but he could not supply any of them. Was his supplier really an Apple reseller? Who knows? Anyways, every effort didn't work out, and the ebay seller refunded my money without any problem. He did not hesitate to refund the money to me. I think he might have been a kind of victim as well.

    OK... Now, the second trial... At ebay. I started looking for an Applecare sealed from factory with actual retail box, not the code only listing because I was told that Applecare could be registered with a serial number printed outside of the retail box and a code inside of the box. I bought one, paid additional shipping and received it. As described in the ebay listing, it was the Applecare in a sealed retail box. I called Apple to reigster it, and, again, they required me to submit a proof of purchae even with the serial number and the code, and the nice customer support rep explained the reason. He said Apple changed the code to Alpha-Numeric code from Numberic code due to fraud, the code I provided was a Numeric code, and that it was their policy for them to require a proof of purchase for numeric code. He didn't say numeric codes were invalid, but he said additional information, such as receipt, would be required for registration. I started arguing kindly that I followed Apple's direction, and that I bought one with serial number and code. He put me on hold, talked to his supervisor and registered my Applecare. Done for me !!!

    Google with Applecare scam fraud or cheap Applecare ebay. You'll be able to read some stories. Some people were able to register the cheaper Applecares successfully, but there are considerable amount of unsuccessful stories as well. To make it even worse, Apple started requesting proof of purchases.

    To protect your purchase, if you have to buy one from ebay sellers, read the listing carefully. Buy one from reputable seller so you can get refund. Pay with paypal. No box, code only Applecares are risky. Even retail boxed ones with serial numbers became risky as Apple require a proof of purchase which you cannot get from an ebay seller.
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    Oct 19, 2010
    Even with the retail box, Apple still requested a proof of purchase, and they said they'll do for the older codes.

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