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    I want to get a friend an iPhone but I'm wondering if an iPod Touch isn't the best choice. She loses her old iPod Touch a lot so I'm afraid she might lose a new one, but she doesn't lose her phone, so an iPhone might be the best solution. Here's the rub. She doesn't want to pay for a data plan, or have an expensive plan, and I don't want to pay $650+ in up-front costs for the device, I was expecting more like $200-300. Is there a US carrier in Hawaii that can meet my needs, or am I being unrealistic?
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    If your friend wants an inexpensive plan and a new iPhone then the iPhone will be expensive. The price is lower on used iPhones or a new iPhone 4 or 4S. The best prices are from prepaid MVNOs that rent out network capacity from the big carriers.
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    So let me see.
    She don't want to pay too much for a monthly plan, and don't want to sign a 2 year contract to get one for $199 but still wants to get one for cheap. Lol:D
    Only if she gets a used unlocked iphone 4 or something on ebay or Cl and gets a prepaid plan with straight talk or net10 or any other gsm carrier.
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    Not possible. Neither Verizon nor AT&T or any other carrier will sell you an iPhone for $200-$300 without a contract.

    Even an iPhone 4 would be $450 if you buy it without a contract--and that iPhone is outdated at this point.

    Anyway, iPhones aren't for people who don't want to pay for data plans. I think the iPod touch would be a better choice.
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    Her best option for a new iPhone would likely be to add her line to an existing family plan. She could get an inexpensive new phone and split the bill with the other lines.
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    I bought a iPhone 5 outright & use Straight Talk for $45 month through Walmart. Its working fine. I know the unlimited date is not as it sounds but 2GB month will work for me. You could buy a used iPhone off e-bay as long as it is a CDMA.

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