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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kwajaln, May 3, 2006.

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    I just bought a new home and am replacing all the electronics in the living room, basically starting from scratch and could use some input from others. I have decided on a flat-panel plasma TV, most likely a Panasonic 42-incher. The other components are more difficult to decide on, however. Should I get speakers and a receiver, or a home theater system (Sony Dream System)? Here's the deal ~ I want to spend no more than 5 grand TOTAL, including TV, stereo, speakers, everything. My main use will be watching DVD movies, not audio, although I would like to get at least decent audio quality when listening to CDs. I would really appreciate any input and guidance on this matter, as I have been reading reviews and doing my homework online for months now and feel more confused than when I first started . . . . THANKS!!!!

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    Best place for these questions
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    definitely loose components. A receiver, a dvd player/dvr and a set of 5 good speakers plus a sub is far more flexible than having everything in one. Chances are you'll get a better set up for the same money. Just make sure you don't go overboard on anything. You probably won't need a $2000 receiver or 700 watt sub-woofer. If you look at it sensibly $5000 can take you a long way!
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    hey, without wishing to kick start some plasma/lcd debate, i'd go for an LCD, as plasma's are made of gas chambers, which burn out, leaving you with odd spots on your TV. Also, make sure your TV is HD ready (and that it can take 1080 without downsizing)
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    Not sure which panasonic plasma you are aiming for so im guesstimating you will have $2500 left to work with after the purchase.

    With that much in mind, I think it depends on your room size, what "look" you are trying to accomplish, if your an audiophile or not, and whats your upgrading you keep up with technology or not.

    Here are my thoughts...

    If its a small room, then aim for the mid-budget home theater in a box (HTiB). These speakers tend to be small and quite stylish. Majority are minimalistic in looks and feature rich (dvd player, receiver, etc). These sets can easily fill a small room with great sound. These are really not meant for component upgrading if you want to somewhere down the line. But its a complete, hassle free set.

    If your room is much larger then I would aim for high-end HTiBs. They tend to be much larger speakers giving a more bulky, yet powerful look. They will also pack a much more serious punch. Not so feature rich as the above but still hassle free.

    If it was me, I would purchase components. Its easier to upgrade and there is no compromise, you are in control of the quality and features of each one. I would get a great receiver, a great dvd player, and purchase a complete set of 5.1 speakers that go according to room size and aesthetics. :)

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