Platform Game 'illi' Available for Free as Apple's App of the Week

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    Platform game illi has been named Apple's App of the Week, and as a result, it is available as a free download for the next seven days. illi, which has four stars in the App Store, has only been free once before since it was released in April of 2016.

    The game is described as a "one button platform puzzler" that asks players to take control of illi, a fuzzy white horned creature, to travel through a strange world. Illi is able to bend the fabric of the world and defy gravity while traveling through portals to gather up light crystals.


    There are more than 60 levels available in illi, and each new world features unique mechanics, traps, and obstacles that players need to overcome. There are also 170 quests to complete, and no in-app purchases.


    illi will be available for free from the App Store for the next seven days, at which point a new app will be chosen as App of the Week. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Platform Game 'illi' Available for Free as Apple's App of the Week
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    London or Florida
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    No, we don't share them all. Just the ones that look like they might be interesting to MacRumors readers. So no kids games, or games with tons of in-app purchases, or apps that get poor reviews. It's free, so why not?
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    I always Google every Thursday to see what the free app of the week is. Once, it was that journaling app Day One or whatever - and I missed it. I was quite miffed. Now I never miss a week just to be sure it isn't something I really want.
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    Free illi? Can't believe any journalist missed the opportunity to use that.
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    Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated :)

    Quick Tip: those who are not interested have the extremely easy option of not reading and not opening the article. Trust me is a very easy and effective way of not reading stories you are not interested in.

    Common sense note: Even if some people are not interested there are other who are and appreciate the information.

    Simple Effective Easy
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    I would really like to see Apple alternate each week between games and productivity apps. The significant majority of these free apps are games.
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    Please keep doing this. Be selective, only feature premium games that show off iOS. After watching the trailer for this game I was sold on the sounds/art style/gameplay within couple seconds. Looks like a gem. I'm a big gamer and searching Google/blogs/sites/the app store is so tedious once you've played all the main, known games, nice to have a little help like this.

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