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Jun 12, 2023
Dear Gamers,

Life simulation game, Life Changer, is now available on the Apple App Store for Mac desktops and IOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices.

Life Changer represents the culmination of a visionary endeavour to provide players with an extraordinary life simulation experience. Developed with the utmost dedication, this game aims to empower players to shape their virtual destinies, exploring and making strategic choices that have a profound impact on their characters' lives.

Big House Map.jpg

Drawing inspiration from the real world, Life Changer offers a dynamic blend of strategic gameplay, RPG elements, and an authentic simulation of life's intricacies. From navigating educational pursuits, investing wisely, and running successful businesses to pursuing personal happiness and managing time effectively, the game delivers a rich tapestry of opportunities and challenges.

Sedan Map 1440x900.jpg

Unlike other popular life simulation games such as The Sims and Jones in the Fast Lane, Life Changer provides a business simulation feature that allows players to truly experience the challenges and rewards of building and expanding their business empire, with options to conduct research, marketing, renovations, community engagement, and expansion etc. Through these decisions, players can see firsthand how their choices impact the success of their businesses.

With a deep appreciation for gaming and its potential, Life Changer was designed to transcend entertainment and embrace education. This game goes beyond mere entertainment by incorporating educational value, fostering financial literacy, and teaching valuable life skills in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

Another features of the game is the dynamic living costs system, which aims to add a level of realism to the game by simulating inflation and deflation. This feature allows players to plan and time their purchases strategically, taking advantage of price changes and maximizing their resources to achieve their virtual life goals.


Extending a heartfelt invitation to the Apple gaming community to embark on an extraordinary journey with Life Changer and delve into an experience that transcends boundaries, where decisions shape destinies, dreams become realities, and every choice truly is a Life Changer.

Official Website:

Mac App Store:

iOS App Store:

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